What’s In My Bag: Carry On Edition

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Hi All!

With everyone’s summer adventures coming up, I thought I’d share with you all what my carry on MUST HAVES are when I  travel.  I am not a frequent flyer by any means, but I’ve traveled enough to the point that I’ve completely narrowed down the essentials that I need to pack in my carry on when I do take a trip!

Let’s get started with electronics.  In addition to my phone, I cannot travel without these following items and here’s why!

Apple MacBook Air

  1. Laptop – I reach for my laptop each and every day, so I love bringing this part of my routine with me wherever I go.  It’s great for checking emails and seeing what the latest and greatest video is on YouTube, but I especially love it for watching movies on a decently sized screen in-flight!  Also, since Netflix added the download and watch feature, I love binge watching TV series to pass the time on those longer flights.
  2. Headphones – On a day to day basis I prefer in-ear headphones, but when I travel I prefer over-ear headphones.  I love larger headphones mainly because they do a better job at blocking out different types of noise (i.e.: the loud plane engines, the snoring passenger to the left, or the crying baby that’s just a few rows ahead).
  3. Nintendo 3DS XL – This is a must have for me because if I get bored of watching movies, but I’m not quite ready to start reading a book (which eventually leads to me falling asleep), I LOVE to play Pokemon or Super Mario on this little thing.  I can very easily get lost in a few hours of gameplay.
  4. iPad Mini – I have had this sucker for about 4 years now, so it’s not the newest or the fastest iPad and therefore I can’t really do much on it, but I do love it for reading books on my Kindle App.


Next up are my must have beauty items that I prefer to have within my reach while traveling.


(From left to right…)

  1. Hand Sanitizer – Being stuck in a confined space for hours can sometimes lead to a minor cold, so I like to be as proactive as possible with avoiding as many germs as I can.  I love Bath & Body Works travel-friendly sized hand sanitizers, and it’s great that they have so many scents to choose from.
  2. Tinted lip balm – Plane rides suck the moisture right out of me, so I always travel with a lip balm.  I usually don’t wear any makeup when I travel, so the tinted lip balm is also great because it brings a little color and life back to my face after a long flight.  (One of my recent posts was on my favorite tinted lip balms for the summer, so check that out if you haven’t already!)
  3. Travel sized perfume or body spray – Nobody likes to smell like the cabin of a long plane ride!  My current favorite perfume, shown above in a travel sized version, is Jo Malone’s ‘Peony and Blush Suede’ (here).  It’s fresh, light, and perfect for the summer!
  4. Face moisturizer – Again, I typically don’t travel with makeup on, so on longer flights where my face gets that thirsty feeling, I like to apply a moisturizer in-flight.  I received a couple samples of my favorite Glamglow mask, Thistymud (here), which I recently found to come in very handy on my travels back in April!
  5. Eye drops – I wear glasses/contacts, so I always like to keep my peepers hydrated.
  6. Hand lotion – More moisture, moisture, moisture!  If you couldn’t tell by now, I like to stay moisturized – my hands included!  I love the Look Ma, New Hands from Bath & Body Works (here) as I find it doesn’t wash off as easily as other hand lotions that I’ve tried.


Last but not least, my boring essentials.


(Clockwise from the top…)

  1. A scarf – I always get cold during flights.  Even if I’m wearing pants, a tank, a long sleeve shirt, and a sweatshirt, I’ll still get cold.  My favorite scarf is lululemon’s Vinyasa Scarf (here) because not only does it provide an extra layer of warmth, but you can actually wear the scarf 7 different ways!  It’s more bang for your buck and a nice little way of sprucing up, or even changing the look, of a few outfits!  lululemon even has a YouTube video to show you how to do this on their website (in the link above).
  2. A small brush – After I catch some zzz’s on a flight, my hair inevitably becomes disheveled.  I like traveling with this compact Tangle Teezer brush (here) because it’s A) compact, and B) it has a little cover so the bristles don’t damage any of the other items in my purse.
  3. The next 3 items are not only travel essentials, but are some of my day to day essentials as well:  my keys, wallet, and planner.  You can’t go anywhere without these items, right?!
  4. Snacks – If I don’t eat I get hangry, and nobody wants to deal with that (so I’ve been told)!  Whether it be a protein bar or a small bag of chips, I like to keep a small snack on me to take the edge off just in case I unexpectedly get hungry.


Hopefully this may have given you a few ideas for items that you may want to add to your carry on during your upcoming travels.  I’d love to know what some of your must-have travel items are!



22 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag: Carry On Edition

  1. Great list of items, I think I carry more or less the same amount of things. Just a few of those vary a little bit. But yeah some like a scarf are essential. I am also like you. I will catch a cold even if I am wearing a ton of layers.

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