Friday Favorites: Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit

Hi All and Happy Friday!

I don’t think of myself as a sneaker head, but I am a big fan of comfortable shoes, especially Nike!  Since I grew up playing sports, I’ve spent a lot of time in different types of athletic shoes ranging from soccer cleats, to track spikes, to basketball shoes, and my most commonly used – running shoes.  I’ve tried a bunch of different brands of shoes over the years, but my feet just love the feel of Nikes so I’ve always gravitated back to this brand.

For this Friday Favorites post, I thought I’d share with you all what my current favorite sneakers are: Nike’s LunarEpic Low Flyknit.  I’m not an avid runner so my opinions are not from that viewpoint, but rather from someone who exercises 3 times a week just to stay healthy, and looks for a comfortable shoe to do just that.  Just as a heads up, I’m going to be sharing details on the first version of this shoe (as that’s the only version that I own), but it is being phased out as the version 2 is what’s currently for sale.  They are overall the same shoe, except for a few features which I’ll point out at the end.  I will link both models to this post for you to check out if you’re interested!

The first thing that drew me in was the array of color options that were available.  I used to purchase basic black and white sneakers since they don’t show wear and dirt easily, but I loved the way that colors looked on this particular shoe (Women’s 1Men’s 1).    (I have a pretty neutral toned wardrobe for the most part, so my version of a colorful shoe may not be the same as yours!)

Next up was the technology in the shoe.  I know most people won’t find this section to be extremely fascinating (I only do because I used to work for Nike 😄), so I’ll get straight to the (bullet) point!

  • Flyknit upper: Rather than the traditional stiff upper body of a running shoe, Nike’s Flyknit technology offers a snug, sock-like feel while still being supportive, lightweight, and breathable.

Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit

  • Laser-cut sides: this mainly allows for increased flexibility with each step that you take.

Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit

Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit

  • Laser-cut outsole: This provides responsive cushioning based on where your foot lands as it hits the ground.  (P.S. – I apologize for the following picture of the dirty bottoms of my shoe 😖, but I wanted to show you how cool the bottoms look because I had never previously seen anything quite like this!)

Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit

I went a little crazy by purchasing this shoe in 3 different colors because I fell in love with how insanely comfortable they are, and that is the most important feature that I look for in athletic footwear.  I’ve actually only used my LunarEpics on all of my recent trips to Disneyland because my feet DO NOT get sore in these babies, even after a 12-plus hour day of walking!  I’ve also owned these shoes for about a year now and use them constantly, and they have held up great; I have no issues or complaints with their quality!

Now since the version 1 is almost phased out, the version 2 has all of the great features that the version 1 offered, but added a few enhancements.  The main differences that I’ve noticed are the following in the version 2 (Women’s 2) (Men’s 2):

  • There are larger perforations in the Flyknit upper to allow for even more breathability.
  • The tongue is attached in the version 2 to provide even more of a snug, sock-like fit.
  • Nike Flywire (another one of Nike’s fancy technologies) is combined with the laces to provide more support.

The version 2 is offered in a wide array of colors, and if you like the shoe but don’t like the colors that are offered, you can create your own look with NIKEiD!

If you’re looking for a shoe that provides a great amount of support and stability, or if you’re looking for a shoe with minimal support and extreme flexibility, I wouldn’t recommend the LunarEpic line to you as this is more of a neutral support shoe.  If you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes and are looking for something lightweight with neutral support and amazing cushioning, then I definitely recommend this to you!

Have a great weekend!



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