My Go-To Bright Summer Nail Polishes

Bright nail polish

Hi All,

I’m kicking the week off with something bright and colorful to bring a bit of happiness to your Monday!  I love being able to wear bright nail polishes in the summer because they’re just so much fun.  I know bright / neon colors may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I wanted to quickly share these 6 vibrant polishes that I constantly reach for this time of year!  (I have not edited any of the following photos to try to show as close to the in-person color as possible.)

First up, we have ‘Pink-y Swear’ by Salon Perfect (here).  This retails for $3.98 USD and I can only locate this brand at my local Walmart.

What I love about this polish is that it’s the most inexpensive of the group, but lasts just as long, if not longer, than some of the pricier polishes.  It also dries very quickly in between coats which is another great feature!  I can get a good 6-7 days of wear before this polish chips.


Up next, we have another pink, ‘Beach Cruiser’ by ORLY which is $7.99 USD ((here).

I love pink so I had to include 2 different shades in this post!  Where ‘Pink-y Swear’ is a cool-toned pink, ‘Beach Cruiser’ is more of a warm-toned bright pink (I hope you can tell in the pictures; my boyfriend thinks there’s no difference in color, but I swear they’re different)!  Similar to ‘Pink-y Swear’, ‘Beach Cruiser’ also dries pretty quickly in between coats, and I can also get a good 6-7 days of wear before I start to notice chips.


For another ORLY favorite, I love reaching for GLOWSTICK (here) because it is such a fun, in-your-face color!  It’s basically like having the color of a tennis ball on your nails.

While this is the most fun color of the bunch (in my opinion), it’s also the most annoying to apply and does not have the greatest wear time.  In order to achieve the highlighter-yellow brightness of this polish, you HAVE to apply a white polish first.  To get the opacity that I like, I then have to apply another 2 coats of the actual GLOWSTICK color.  So with base coat and top coat, it’s 5 layers total to get the look in the picture.  And after all of that, I usually only get about 3 days of wear before chipping starts to happen.


I never thought I’d be attracted to an orange nail polish, until I came across ‘Pool Party’ by China Glaze (here).  When I Googled the color to find a link for it, it was described as a pink in multiple locations, but the bottle that I have is orange, and on me, the polish is orange – so I’m calling it an orange!  I even had to double check the bottom of the bottle a couple of times to see if I was linking the right name for the color (I did)!

This is another highlighter-like color and also another polish that dries quickly in between coats.  I love this polish because I can get a good 5-6 days of wear out of it before chipping.


I typically stick to purples, especially darker purples, in the fall so when I picked this color up I was happy to have a bright shade for spring and summer!  My go-to warm weather purple is ‘That’s Shore Bright’ by China Glaze (here).

Like the other China Glaze polish, 5-6 days is the typical amount of time that this polish will last before chipping.


Last but not least we have a gorgeous and bright blue – ‘Fearlessly Alice’ by OPI.  Unfortunately, this was a limited edition collection so I cannot find a link to it.  A fairly close dupe for it that is still available would be ‘Strut Your Stuff’ by Essie (here).

I feel like jumping into a pool whenever I look at this color.  Is’s just so vibrant and pretty, and being by the water always makes me think of summer!

That’s it for today’s nail post!  Would you wear any of these colors?  If not, what are your favorite summer polishes to wear?



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