REVIEW: Glamglow Face Masks

Hi All!

Today I wanted to share with you a couple of face masks that I’ve found success with so far this year.  These aren’t new to the market products, but I didn’t start using them until recently so they are fairly new to me.  I received samples of both of these masks in December of last year, and I had seen Glamglow all over social media for a while, so I decided to give it a try.   I mean, no sleep would be lost over trying out a couple of freebie products, right?  Both samples lasted me about 3-4 applications, and that’s all that it took for me to fall in love with Glamglow’s SUPERMUD & THIRSTYMUD!

On nights that I decide to pamper myself, or when I feel my skin really needs the extra TLC, I’ll use these 2 products and know that my skin will look and feel better by the next morning.  For my face mask routine, I start with the SUPERMUD mask (here).  This is great for de-clogging the skin and minimizing pores – two things that I definitely need the help with, and I’m happy to say this mask does the trick!  It claims to also help with pigmentation and scarring, but I have not had any luck in those departments with this mask.


I like to apply the mask with a flat foundation brush to try to get as even of an application as possible.  When you first apply it to the skin, the mask stays dark, like the way it looks in the container.


As the mask starts to dry and tighten on your skin, it also begins to lighten in color.


At this stage of the mask, you begin to see tiny dots where the mask is starting to suck the dirt out of your pores.  I typically leave the mask on for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off, and this is what it looks like around that time mark.


Here is a close up of the tiny dots / my pores at the end of the 20 minutes – sorry for the scary close up!  I believe that the more dots that appear on your face, the more your skin needed to be unclogged, which I clearly (⬅️ see what I did there) needed!  I have combination-oily skin and am acne prone, so I love that this helps to get rid of the built up dirt and oil.


It is recommended that you use SUPERMUD 1-3 times per week.  I’ll usually do it just once (because it is pretty pricey), but if my skin is feeling really clogged I’ll use it more frequently.  There is a slight scent to it, I’d describe it as a minty-tea like scent, but nothing that is overwhelming.  Also, there are tiny, leafy ‘flakes’ in the mask as well (they’re supposed to be there), which is what you see in the smaller darker spots on the dried mask.

After the SUPERMUD mask, I like to hydrate my skin and put moisture back into it, so I’ll follow up with the THIRSTYMUD mask (here).  I mentioned this mask in my ‘What’s In My Bag: Carry On Edition’ (click the link if you haven’t seen it!) as it is so nice to apply at the beginning of a flight to avoid dryness.


In its container it has a mustard-y color, but when applied to the skin, it goes on colorless.  I like to apply this mask with a flat foundation brush as well.  I haven’t done pictures of the THIRSTYMUD mask since you know what putting on any old moisturizer looks like!  With this mask, it’s recommended use is 2-3 times per week.  You can either use it as a day application by leaving it on for 10-20 minutes and then rinsing it off, OR as a night mask and leave it on overnight.  I use this in combination with any of my other skincare products too, not just on nights when I use SUPERMUD, and it works just as great.  You can use it on other areas of your body that may need the extra moisture as well, such as your elbows or hands.  The scent to this one is unique, I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s even more subtle than the SUPERMUD so I don’t really notice it.  I use this mask at least twice a week, because one – it feels AMAZING!  Secondly, my skin looks more plump and youthful after each use – double win.

Unfortunately, these are pricey, but the way my skin looks and feels after I use these products make the splurge worth it in my book!  I definitely notice a difference in the ease of applying my foundation, and the way that the foundation looks, after I use this combo.  With the success that I’ve had with these masks, there is a 3rd Glamglow mask that I have my eye on, it’s the FLASHMUD in the orange container (here).  This one claims to make your skin brighter and more luminous!  If you’ve used this one, what are your thoughts on it?  If I ever purchase it, I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

What are your go-to face masks that you stand by?



27 thoughts on “REVIEW: Glamglow Face Masks

  1. I actually posted a review on a GlamGlow mask today! I did the youthmud mask. I have tried the supermud mask (reviewed that one back in February) but I didn’t like it since I didn’t think it did anything. Glad it worked out for you though!

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      1. Haha I did! I did use it up because I didn’t want to waste it and throw it out but I didn’t think it did anything special for me. Skin care is honestly so different from person to person!!!

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  2. I’m sure I need a mask, as my skin has become rough and bumpy. My skin has always been pretty good so this new problem concerns me. BUT I don’t know if I’m willing to spend big $ for a mask. I’m thinking that I might do some research on making my own. Any thoughts?

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    1. I also use a retexturizing mask from Origins (the one in the pink tube made with Rose Clay) that I like to use when my skin has a bit more bumpiness to it than I’m used too (, and it’s less than half the price of the GlamGlow! Making a mask on your own would be pretty awesome though…I’ve never done that myself as I’m too lazy 😁, but it’d be great to know exactly what you’re putting onto your skin!


  3. Amazing review! Supermud is definitely my go-to face mask. I tried to stay away from it for the longest time simply because of the price, but I haven’t found another face mask yet that compares. I also love the thirstymud mask and would be tempted to use it more if my skin needed the hydration. (I have combination skin.) I completely agree that both masks are quite pricey, and that’s what makes me hesitate on getting them.

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    1. The closest mask that I’ve come to working as well as Supermud is the Origins Charcoal Mask, and I think it’s less than half the price! I wish it worked as well as Supermud on me, but it’s a nice in-between mask to use so that I don’t run out of Supermud as fast. Thank you for stopping by!

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  4. I’ve been wanting to try these masks for a while now but I always chicken out because I get afraid of the prices and if it’ll work. I love this review- I am definitely going to splurge for this investment in the future!

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    1. Thank you so much 😃! I purchased mine at Nordstrom, but I’ve seen that Sephora has smaller/less expensive sizes of the masks which is great to test out and make sure you like the masks before going all in. Thank you for stopping by!


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