Friday Favorites: Foundation Brushes

Hi All!

Through my journey of learning about and playing with makeup, I’ve come to realize that the makeup products that you own are just half of how you achieve a great look.  The other half consists of the tools that you use to apply the makeup.  Today I wanted to share my 5 favorite brushes that I use to apply my foundation!

Before we start the countdown, what I look for in any foundation brush is that it will apply my liquid foundation (as that’s the only type that I use) or CC cream smoothly, evenly, and streak free while feeling soft and gentle on my skin.  By no means am I recommending that you run out and buy the exact same brushes in this post, but I am more so recommending the type and style of the brushes that I personally have found success with!  When I first started building my brush collection, brands like Morphe and Sigma with lower price points didn’t exist quite yet, but luckily they do now, so I will be sure to link dupes for the pricier brushes!

#5 – MAC 190 Foundation Brush (here) $35.00 USD

MAC 190 Foundation Brush

Of my 5 favorite brushes, this is my least favorite.  While it does apply foundation smoothly and evenly, because it has the smallest and flattest head of the bunch, it takes the longest for me to apply the foundation over my entire face.  I still really like this brush because when I do have a bit more time and patience to get ready, it does apply foundation beautifully, and because it’s so small it’s great for working the foundation into the smaller areas of your face.  This brush is great to use when I want to achieve more of a full coverage look.

DUPE FOR THE MAC 190: Morphe B85 Flat Foundation (here) for $4.99 USD


#4 – MAC 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush (here) for $42.00 USD

MAC 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush

My fourth pic has short bristles that are loosely packed in and it has a flat top to it.  I love to use this brush on days where I want my foundation/CC cream to be a bit more sheer and natural looking.  This brush applies the liquid smoothly and evenly, and I reach for this when I want coverage, but don’t want too much product on my skin.  Its my favorite brush to use during the summer as that’s the time of year when I go for more of a sheer foundation application!

DUPE FOR THE MAC 130: Morphe M436 Mini Duo Blender (here)


#3 – Sigma Beauty F88 Flat Angled Kabuki (here) $25.00 USD

Sigma F88 Flat Angled Kabuki Brush

This brush is so soft and feels so good when I’m applying foundation to my face!  It’s the most dense brush of the group therefore I get the fullest amount of coverage when I use this brush.  Because the brush is angled, this is also great for getting the foundation in the harder to reach areas like around your nose.  In the description, it’s also listed that the brush is hypoallergenic and antibacterial if those are important features for you!  I like to use this brush on occasions where I need to achieve the fullest amount of coverage.  (Side note – this brush is the most difficult to clean because of how dense it is.)

DUPE FOR THE SIGMA F88: Morphe MB7 Angle Buffer (here) $7.99 USD


#2 – Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (here) $8.99

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

My runner up was created by YouTuber Sam Chapman from the duo pixiwoo!  This brush is my #2 pick because it applies my foundation so evenly and streak free, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort for me to blend everything in.  It’s the least expensive of the bunch (it’s already dupe price!) but the quality is just as great as the pricier brushes.  I’ve owned this same exact brush for years and with all the use that I get out of it and washing that I’ve done, it’s held up much better than I expected it to!  I like the way the brush feels; the bristles are packed in there, but not too densely so you get an almost full coverage application with it.  This brush is great for day to day use.



#1 – Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush (here) $48.00 USD

Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush

Of all the brushes on this list, this one feels the softest and most luxurious, and it better for its price point!  I love this brush because of the effortless coverage and finish that it provides for my foundation application.  It’s another brush where the bristles are packed in, but not so densely that there is still enough movement in the bristles when spreading the foundation around.  I think that’s what creates the smooth, full coverage effect that I get when using this brush, and that is what makes it my #1 pick!  A great benefit to this brush is that it’s actually made for powder products and its additional use is for liquids, so it could be a great 2-for-1 brush if you alternate between powder and liquid foundations!



I know 5 is an excessive amount of brushes to have JUST for applying foundation, but I honestly use all of them and will reach for a specific brush depending on the look and coverage that I’m hoping to achieve.  While the Bobbi Brown is my favorite, if I were forced to pick just one of these brushes to have and that was all I could own – I would pick #2 Real Techniques.  It’s a great price point, its quality is amazing, and I genuinely love the way it applies my liquid foundations and CC creams and the finish that it gives.

What is your favorite brush to apply foundation with?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!




35 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Foundation Brushes

    1. I definitely have used my fingers before, but I had 2 issues/concerns with it. First, I didn’t like the way the foundation looked on me – it always came out streaky when I applied with my fingers for some reason (totally could just be that I don’t have great blending fingers)! Secondly, I didn’t think I could be gentle enough in applying the foundation with my fingers; I always felt that I was tugging at my skin more than I needed to get the foundation blended out nicely (and more in comparison to when I use a brush) so I didn’t want to speed up aging signs any faster!

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    1. I own 3 total and love them too! My 2 others have the pink handle – I use one for blush and one for highlight – and they’re just as amazing as this foundation one! Do you own any of the eye brushes? I’ve been peaking at those on recent trips to Ulta.

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  1. I always worry that it takes more product when using a brush. Do you put the liquid foundation on you hand, then dip the brush into that? I’m never quite sure of proper way to do it.

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  2. I have used brushes in the pas and I loved them but I at the moment I am into the Beauty blenders big time but I will definitely check these brushes!

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