San Diego County Fair 2017

Hi All!

I hope you had a great weekend!  On Saturday, I visited the San Diego County Fair and I had an absolute blast enjoying some of the food that this year’s fair had to offer!  This was one of the days of the year where I really allowed myself to let loose and eat whatever my heart, or more so my stomach in this case, desired!  If you live in Southern California and haven’t visited the fair yet, I highly recommend it.

I’m not too adventurous when it comes to trying crazy foods, so when I go to the fair I don’t gravitate towards the peanut butter meatballs, the deep fried butter sticks, or the deep fried pizza (they’re seriously deep frying everything these days)!  I stick to things that I like but don’t get to eat too often, and maybe I’ll throw in 1 or 2 new plates that just sound yummy in the moment.

Now let’s into the good stuff!  We (I went with my boyfriend and best friend, hence the ‘we’ in this post) ate quite a few things, and it was all absolutely delicious!  First up, the cheesey goodness!  I love nachos, like really love them.  There’s just something about that fake cheese that brings a smile to my face.  I don’t have nachos often, but when I do, I make sure to enjoy them!


Speaking of food covered in fake cheese, up next we ate a Mound of Curly Fries (the plates fair-given name) covered in more cheese!

Curly Fries

This was also delicious.  If you love french fries, and if you love you cheese, this is a must!  We did see other fair goers adding bacon and jalapeños to their fries, but we decided to go with the classic version.

There were barbecue grills everywhere with huge turkey legs, hot dogs, chicken, burgers, and more being grilled.  We decided that we wanted to try an item called Maui Chicken because it smelled amazing AND it was served in a pineapple – how fun!

Barbecue chicken

We had never tried this item before, but we were glad that we did!  The chicken and rice were steaming hot on the top, but below what you see in this picture, there were cold slices of pineapples that paired deliciously with the taste of the barbecued chicken.

The most adventurous dish that we tried was the Krispy Kreme triple cheeseburger 😯.

Krispy Kreme Triple Cheeseburger

It had 3 burger patties, 3 slices of cheese, and instead of 2 buns, this came sandwiched in between 2 Krispy Kreme donuts.  This was the food item that we’ve wanted to try for the past few years but could never quite ‘squeeze it in’, so this year we made it our goal to eat it first!  The sweet and savory combination was delicious and we concluded that this is definitely one of those must-have eats at the fair.

Lastly is my absolutely favorite fair item… cotton candy!  (You can tell that it’s my favorite by how intensely I’m gazing at it.)


More than anything else on this list, the one item that I MUST have anytime I go to the fair is cotton candy.  It’s fun, it’s delicious, and I always associate it with happy memories!  I’m very particular about the colors that I like (I prefer only blue or purple cotton candy), but the San Diego County Fair never carries purple, so I lucked out this year and was able to get a jumbo bag with only blue – woohoo!

So that wraps up the fun time I had with food last weekend.  Are there any must-have food items on your list when you visit your local fair?

I hope you’re having a great start to your week!



19 thoughts on “San Diego County Fair 2017

  1. That donut burger… just wow… I wouldn’t mind trying it! I also love cheese fries and nachos! But I do not like cotton candy. Omg I’m getting so hungry looking at all this! 🙂 who would eat deep fried butter sticks, though? lol

    -Helene ❤

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    1. I’m glad I had people to share the burger with because it was so intense, but definitely delicious! I actually think I’m the only person that I know that loves cotton candy lol! And I have no idea who would eat the deep fried butter sticks, but they are at the fair every single year so there are some adventurous people out there! Thank you for reading, Helene 💗!

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