Complimentary 2017 Birthday Gifts from Ulta and Sephora!

Hi All!

I’m finally back in San Diego after having spent the last week on vacation in Portland, OR.  I was visiting family and friends to celebrate my birthday and while I was there I stopped into Ulta and Sephora to get this year’s complimentary birthday gifts from each store!

NYX Cosmetics

First up from Ulta, this year’s gift was an eyeshadow palette from NYX Cosmetics.  I love eyeshadow palettes so I was super excited for this, and then opened it and saw that it was warm toned and I got even more excited!

NYX Cosmetics

I haven’t used NYX eyeshadows for a LONG time, so I couldn’t really remember what to expect.  For my arm swatches, it was pretty hard to get pigmentation to show up for both the matte shades and the shimmer shades.  For the matte shades I had to dip back into the pan at least 3 times and the shimmers at least twice, to get the color to show up on my arm.  When applying it with a brush to my eyes, it went a bit better, but I still had to dip back into each shadow that I used a few times, but in the end it worked out surprisingly well!  I really do like the color selection in the palette.


Tarte Cosmetics

From Sephora, this year’s gift was by Tarte Cosmetics and it was a blush / lip paint set in exclusive shades just for Sephora!  The blush was the Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in the shade “Paaarty” and the Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in the shade “Birthday Suit”.  I was most excited for this gift because I am a huge fan of Tarte’s blushes and lip paints.  The shades are awesome because they are both pretty neutral toned which is what I would normally gravitate towards anyway, so that was a huge plus as I know I will get a lot of use out of these mini products!  I have used a couple other Amazonian Clay blushes so I know that the formula is long lasting and very pigmented on my skin, and “Paaarty” was just as great!  For the lippie, I’ve only ever tried Tarte’s Quick Dry Matte Lip Paints (and I love those) so I was excited to try the Creamy Matte Lip Paint.  As expected the Creamy Matte Lip Paint was not as drying on my lips as the Quick Dry, so if you’ve been wanting to try these out but are worried about dry lips, definitely give the Creamy Matte a try!

I’m very happy with both Ulta and Sephora’s birthday gifts this year!  If your local Ulta or Sephora have these in stock around your birthday, I definitely recommend you stopping by to pick them up!  I’m going to try to post some looks on my Instagram as I get to play with these products a bit more, so check me out there if you haven’t already!

Also, Happy Birthday to any of my fellow July babies out there!



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