First Impressions: Simple Glam Girls Lush Rose Gold Oval Brush Set

Hi All!

I’m really excited for today’s first impressions as I will be sharing with you my thoughts on a new oval brush set that I received earlier this week!  I was contacted by Simple Glam Girls via Instagram and they asked if I would be interested in trying out their best selling oval makeup brushes, so of course said yes!  I’ve never owned a complete brush set before because, to be quite honest, I’ve never wanted to shell out a bunch of money on an entire set and risk the chance of only using maybe half of the brushes that came with it.


The brushes arrived in a cute little box and inside was the set of the Lush Rose Gold Oval Makeup 10-piece Brush Set.  Each individual brush was wrapped in it’s own packaging.


Simple Glam Girls Oval Makeup Brushes

Included in the box were 5 larger brushes and 5 smaller brushes.  I haven’t had the chance to use these yet, so this first impressions will be more on the look and feel rather than a first-use type of first impressions.

Right off the bat, I thought that they were really pretty and sleek looking.  I like the combination of the black with rose gold, and I also like how the tops of the brushes are darker so that when makeup is on them, they won’t look dirtied immediately!  They are really light weight as well.  As far as the brush part itself, I’ve never owned a brush like this before – in terms of both shape and feel.  According to their website, they are made of grade “A” synthetic nylon hair.  They are pretty darn soft too, but while still being so densely packed in that they don’t feel flimsy either!


Simple Glam Girls Oval Brush Set

Here are the 5 larger face brushes and what the website describes their use for from left to right.

1) Concealer, cheek blush, cheek contour, foundation, bronzing, and setting powder

2 & 3) Cheek blush, cheek contour, foundation, bronzing, and setting powder.

4 & 5) Foundation, bronzing, and setting powder.


Simple Glam Girls Oval Brush Set

And here are the 5 smaller brushes for the eyes and lips along with what the website describes for these uses from left to right again.

1) Eye shadow, eye liner, concealer, cheek blush, and cheek contour.

2) Eye shadow, cheek contour, concealer, foundation, and setting powder.

3) Eye shadow, brow color, eye liner, and concealer.

4) Lip finish, eye shadow, brow color, and concealer.

5) Lip finish, eye shadow, and concealer.


I’m glad that they have descriptions of the recommended uses, but I think it’s safe to deduce that you can essentially use any brush for how each user sees fit.  I’m excited to test these out!  I’ll be back with a further in depth review once I’ve gotten more familiar with these brushes.

Have you ever tried oval makeup brushes before?!



15 thoughts on “First Impressions: Simple Glam Girls Lush Rose Gold Oval Brush Set

  1. I keep seeing these kinds of brushes everywhere and have always thought about ordering some and testing them out but never quite pull the trigger! I’m excited to hear how you like them after testing them out for a while!

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      1. I pop on some cleanser, and I have a sigma brush mat (life saver and dirt cheap on eBay!), and just end up scrubbing them for ages! I don’t think that they ever are 100% clean, but it definitely takes a lot of effort to try!

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