Friday Favorites: Quay Australia Sunglasses

Hi All!

When it comes to sunglasses, I’m very particular with the brands and styles that I wear.  For some reason, I get headaches pretty easily if a pair of sunnies aren’t just right, but I have happily found a brand, Quay Australia, where I’m now on my 4th pair of sunglasses and I have honestly LOVED every single pair that I’ve purchased.  Today I wanted to share my favorites from my ever growing Quay Australia collection!


The first pair that I ever purchased was called ABOUT LAST NIGHT – it has a fun tortoise frame with mirror blue lenses.  These are light weight and very comfortable and I love how they add a fun pop of color to any look!

Quay Australia About Last Night

Quay Australia About Last Night


The second pair that I purchased is called ON THE PROWL and I purchased it in black with silver lenses.  These aren’t described as full on mirrored lenses, and I’m assuming it’s because in certain lighting you can see through to my eyes, but in other lighting it can come off as mirrored.  These are also lightweight, but the main thing that drew me to this pair was how big they are!  I feel hidden (if that makes sense) when I wear these, and I sometimes like that “don’t look at me” vibe 😆!

Quay Australia On the Prowl

Quay Australia ON THE PROWL


Next up, I purchased this fun cat-eye pair called SUPER GIRL.  I’ve never owned a shiny gold pair of sunnies, and these were also on sale when I purchased them (they’re still up on Quay’s website!), so I couldn’t pass this up!

Quay Australia Supergirl

Quay Australia Supergirl


The most recent pair that I added to my collection is from the new #QUAYxKYLIE collection in the style ICONIC.  I’m not a Kardashian/Jenner fan, and to be honest I didn’t even know these were from the Kylie Jenner collab until I was checking out at the register when the sales associate informed me of it!  These are actually my favorite pair of all 4 because I find them to be the most comfortable and the most wearable in terms of matching with my wardrobe!

Quay Australia QUAYXKYLIE Iconic

Quay Australia QUAYXKYLIE Iconic


My MOST favorite thing that all 4 of these pairs of sunnies have in common is that not a single pair cost me over $75.00 (before taxes)!  They are GOOD quality too which makes me a huge fan of the brand!  Also, I’ve made purchases on both Quay’s website and at Nordstrom, and I have always received a soft case to keep the sunnies protected which I think is great too.  I always have a new pair that I have my eye on, so I’m sure I will eventually add more to the collection!

Have you ever tried Quay Australia sunglasses before?  If so, did you like them?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Quay Australia Sunglasses

  1. Great post! I love Quay sunnies! They have so many styles to choose from, I feel like everyone could find something that they would like! I actually just featured a pair in my Summer lookbook post that I published today! They were just too good to leave out!

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  2. i really like the second pair on you! And the third pair of glasses is so pretty on you! I would love to try a pair pf cat eye ones like that, but I don’t think they’d match me! Great post!

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